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Spill-Guard Containment Pallet (4 Drum)

The safe way to store, handle and transport hazardous liquids.

Although originally designed with safety in mind, a major secondary benefit is the possible recovery of lost contents that could be worth hundreds of dollars. Expensive solvents, exotic machine oils, metals in suspension, are just a few examples that could finish up down the drain, yet it needn't happen. Providing that the materials are suitable, it is possible to decant spilled liquids via one of four conveniently located drainage bungs, through a strainer funnel into a new container. Just one more of the major features offered by the unique and innovative - VICFAM SPILL-GUARD.Spillguard


  • Can carry 4 full 205 litre drums or numerous small containers
  • Weights only 60 kg
  • 2 way forklift entry
  • 4 conveniently located drainage
  • 25mm raised skirt to prevent excessive movement of drums.
  • Designed to stack securely when empty.
  • Made from HDPE for durability and chemical resistance.


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The Facts

Safe Working Load
2 tonnes
Static Load
In excess of 8 tonnes
Once piece molding in high density polyethylene
Weight  60kg
Dimensions 1240 x 1240 x 260
Sump Capacity
110% of 205 litres within body
Colour Black
Spillguard Containment Pallet


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