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Mr Victor Smorgon and Vicfam Plastics

The man behind the development of these outstanding products

The dependence of the materials handling industry on the conventional wooden pallet, seemed to us to be an opportunity to do it better, particularly where a high wastage factor exists. The cost to industry and the environment is prohibitive. Our design team took the brief in hand, with the result that; collectively we have produced the best alternative rackable plastic pallets now available, anywhere in the industrialised world today.

Company Information

An icon of the Australian business scene, Victor Smorgon, who with his family has developed many environmental products, has committed himself and his company to the development and manufacture of recycled plastic products in an effort to not only service industry, but also to aid the environment.

Victor's family company, Vicfam Plastics Pty. Ltd (a division of the Victor Smorgon Group) specialises in converting post consumer waste high density polyethylene. Vicfam utilises both natural and coloured polyethylene, which would otherwise go to landfill, directly supporting the world wide Governments intention of reducing waste to landfill by 50% and hopefully achieved by the year 2001.

Vicfam Plastics have designed, developed and manufactured, a unique and innovative range of plastic pallets, both for specialist applications and for general use.

The Vicfam Heavy Duty Hygiene pallet, in fact, a range of hygiene pallets available in most popular sizes, have been designed specifically for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is critical, yet strong enough to be included in the very tough and demanding pool hire / dehire system by Chep Australia and Loscam Limited.

The first commercially manufactured pallet in the Vicfam range was the unique Vicfam Spill-guard. This is a fully moulded one piece spill containment pallet, with an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio due to it's cellular design.